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Anpassade plektrum tryckta skapa egen plectrum Välkommen Sweden


Välj anpassade utskrifter - Skriv ut plockar - sin egen plocka med logo Vill du ha en personlig plocka med ditt band logotyp tryckt på det ? En bild av dig själv med din gitarr eller din flickvän trycks ? Genom custom-picks.eu kan anpassas plektrum med utskriften är redan på .

Vi sänder från Nederländerna och har en mycket professionell skrivare som levererar hög kvalitet hackor. Med alla plektrum tryckta enkelt kan spelas gitarr .   Så du vill äga en pick tryckt gå till sidan : anpassade plektrum och välja vilket material plockar du vill , välja tjockleken på ditt val , lägga till beedbestand in och gör din beställning .

Vi sänder plockar tryckta inom två veckor via vanlig post post eller rekommenderat brev med UPS .


Custom Guitar Picks

To get started choose from the following 5 options:

Custom Picks

We can print just about anything onto your custom picks! Logos, art, text, drawings and even photos can be printed onto our huge selection of pick materials, shapes, gauges and colours! This full colour printing method can cover the entire surface of the pick from edge to edge.
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Custom Picks

'TRU GRIP' is the most natural feeling, most aggressive grip in the industry. A series of small spikes applied to the grip area on both sides of the pick give you an extreme, non slip surface. We start off by printing your picks with your custom graphics. We can print logos, text, or full colour photos onto our huge selection of pick materials, shapes, gauges and colours. After printing we apply our revolutionary 'TRU GRIP' spikes to both sides.
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Glow in the Dark
Custom Picks

Our glow in the dark picks are made from high quality celluloid material in an off white glow in the dark colour. They glow bright green in the dark! We can print logos, text and line drawings onto our glow in the dark picks. Single sided printing only, choose from 4 different gauges.
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Custom Picks

We take our Delrinex™ picks and Etch them using a proprietary process, this produces a pick with increased grip because your graphics are sunken into the surface. Works best with artwork that features large solid graphics and larger text. Choose from our Delrinex gauges, shapes and colours.
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Metallic Ink
Custom Picks

We can print logos, text and line drawings using our metallic silver and gold inks. Our entire range of pick materials, shapes, gauges and colours are available for metallic printing. This type of printing is only available for 1 colour artwork and is not "hot foil", but reflective like silver or gold spray paint.
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Custom Guitar Straps

100% Handmade Premium Full-grain Leather Guitar Straps

Our straps are the finest grade of garment leather available. Soft and supple on your shoulder with a natural suede-style underside, but tough and hard-wearing where it counts.

Printed with the latest ultra-violet cured inks, we apply your artwork directly onto the leather of the strap, with stunning results.

Vibrant and hard wearing, your design will bend with the natural flex of the leather strap, not break or flake away. It's also scratch and water resistant.

Simply select your strap preference, and upload your artwork or image files. You'll receive a preview of your strap design by email, then your custom strap will ship out in less than a week.
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Custom Pick Mosaics

Real custom printed guitar picks, turned into art!


Printed with the latest inks and printing machines, we apply your artwork directly onto the pick mosaic, creating brilliant results.

Your pick mosaic will be covered by a sheet of high quality clear plastic to protect the picks and withstand breakage during postage.

The black frame measures 33cm by 43cm and can be hung horizontally or vertically. The pick mosaic measures 24cm x 34cm. Your picks will be laid over black card, to ensure the image stands out.

Simply upload your artwork or image files. You'll receive a preview of your design by email, then your custom pick mosaic will ship out in less than a week.
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