Every once in a while a change comes along that is so deep, so profound that things can never be the same again. This is one such change.

Introducing revolutionary new TRU GRIP technology. This is the most natural feeling, most aggressive grip in the industry. If you're a player that likes a little grip on your pick, you're going to love TRU GRIP.

The best part though, is that TRU GRIP can be added to any of our custom guitar picks after they have been printed. There's no need to compromise anymore, you don't need to choose a blank pick just because it has grip. Now you can choose any pick from our extensive range, customise it with the graphics that you like and then add the grip that you need!

That's right; any pick, with or without grip. You decide.

TRU GRIP picks are available to order right now fully customised.


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A series of small spikes applied to the grip area on both sides of the pick give you an extreme, non slip surface.

Jimmy Herman (Carrie Underwood Band) uses TRU GRIP custom picks!

We start off by printing your choice of custom graphics, after printing we apply our revolutionary TRU GRIP spikes to both sides of your pick.



TRU GRIP Custom Pick Price List

Single Sided
Double Sided
200 picks €189.00 EUR (€0.95 EUR per pick) €219.00 EUR (€1.10 EUR per pick)
100 picks €113.00 EUR (€1.13 EUR per pick) €128.00 EUR (€1.28 EUR per pick)
50 picks €84.00 EUR (€1.68 EUR per pick) €91.50 EUR (€1.83 EUR per pick)
30 picks €58.00 EUR (€1.93 EUR per pick) €62.50 EUR (€2.08 EUR per pick)


Order TRU GRIP Custom Picks